Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

O.K I should probably not put this story on the web because 1- Jaxon is going to kill me. 2- It might be a little inappropriate, whatever But hear me out if any person says one word about this to Jaxon I will personally hunt you down and it won't be pretty.
So out of all our children Jaxon has the smallest blatter (see we are going scary places). Dallin and Macie could both drink a gallon of pop right before bed and I wouldn't worry but if Jaxon has one sip he is going to be up during the night, and like his father he is not going to be held accountable for his action because he might be up but he is not conscious, regardless if his eyes are open and he might even be talking, but he is still asleep.
So about 2am Monday night I hear him get up to go to the bathroom and I quickly send John so that he will open his eyes and aim. John comes back smiling and I asked what happened and he tell me Jaxon wasn't such a good shot but he started to be impressed because after he finished he reached for the toilet paper and John thought wow he is going to clean up after himself i new I was raising this boy right. But oh no he doesn't clean up after him self he wipes his bottom (which wasn't the dirty area) then threw the T.P. on the ground then went back to bed. I know there are like a million problems with this story. But I can't help it I can't stop laughing Jaxon kills me. I busted up all night then the next day while I am scrubbing bathroom floors I can't help but chuckle.
I couldn't ask for a better first child he is so good and responsible always looking after his brother and sisters. I love this kid....

p.s please don't turn me into the blog police I really do love my children and try to do all I can to make sure there need are met and they are taken care of.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stubborn Macie

When I say you can't leave the table tell you finish you dinner I mean it. Macie has started to be picky with her food and won't eat dinner then 10 minutes later she is hungry go figure. (she gets that from me) So Last sat. night I layed down the law and told her she couldn't leave the table tell she finished (I am so mean sometimes) I had to run to the store and when I got back this is what I found. I think John forgot about her. She was out for the count. So I let her down and she didn't even finish. She seems to always get her way. Man I love this girl!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jaxon phone manners

So Monday night the family was going out for family night and the kids were excited. And John was running late so Jaxon got the phone and called him (without my knowledge) and I hear in the other room I'm sorry I must have a wrong number. Then I talked to jax and was quizzing him on what was happening and he said he got this man who said his name was bob. I hit redial and it looked like Johns number so I told Jaxon it was his dad and he must have just been playing a joke on him. So Jaxon calls back and this is how the conversation goes " Hey Dad I mean bob this is your son Pedro when are you going to be home' I am just kidding its me dad, come on dad it s me DAD" " MOM dad just hung up on me ! So I looked at the number again and sure enough he had dialed it all wrong instead of ###-###8 he dialled ###-###0 . Sorry Bob. John and I did have a good chuckle at that though. so then at 7:15 this morning the phone rang twice and sure enough it was bobs number. I am sure it was an accident. Whatever!
p.s. Macie took this photo and is way proud of it.


My Sister in law Maridyn Tagged me and I was supposed to post the 4th picture in the 4th folder on my computer and this is what it was My cute Dallin cheesing it in the car. Their really isn't much to say about the picture except that he has grown up alot this pic was in 06. He has lost those cheeks. He makes me smile and laugh every day.
I probably did this all wrong but what ever, send the tag blog police after me I dare you. I tag Breck, Amy, Jill Kemp and Jill Scott so take that Ha , Ha.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hip Hip Horray Halloween is OVER!!

Halloween is so fun, but this year it felt like it lasted a year instead of one day. How my kids costumes made it through the week in one piece surprised me. They had a blast! The three oldest had school parties which was fun and then we hit the ward party then off to grandmas house in Utah for there cousins baptism. Which meant that they got to go trick or treating with grandma and all there cousins on the Nelson side more fun than we could handle.

I couldn't turn the picture I am not that smart but GRANDMA ROCKS!! How cool is she I am just sad because this picture does not do her justice you needed to see her on her Harley (a scooter that has a great paint job.) It doesn't get much cooler or funner than Grandma Zeffie!!!!

Here are all the grand kids on the Nelson side it is not very often we have them all together we usually are missing one or two. And what a quiet peaceful house grandma has when we are all there!

THE 08"S
Sammy, Ava , Mya, Addy and Austin this year we added a litter to the Nelson side. Mya didn't want to enter this world on her own so she brought 4 built in friends all born within a couple months. It is so fun to get them all together I can't wait tell there all toddlers how crazy will that be. The order is Addy who is in bright pink and belongs to my brother Mac. Then Mya , Then Ava In green and belongs to Kam and is still upset with Mya cause she was supposed to come first. Then Sammy in the purple and she belongs to D.G. Then Austin (tigger) who is Brecks. What fun, Grandma couldn't be happier or prouder.

Can't wait for next Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What the #%$#$#%#

So I have a bone to pick with whoever though it was a good idea to have a holiday where we all have to dress up, that's absolute madness!
I was stressed about this Halloween party that John and I had to go to. I had no blasted idea what we should be, there are times in my life where I feel I can and do a decent job at being creative, but this wasn't one of them. I could not come up with anything, I thought about being secret service agents (that would be fun we could wear sunglasses and pack some heat) but John said we would have to wear black suits, which he does not own, so out with that. We could always be vampires but I did not want to be compared to the twilight vamps so that was out. Then my mom said we should go as Sunny and Cher and I that was a great idea, but the problem there is Cher is tall and skinny and Sunny was short with brown hair. I am not tall and Skinny but ah ha John is he could be her how hilarious would that be and I could get a mustache and be sunny ( I do have brown hair) But John has some crazy issue with cross dressing, whatever..
So with an hour left to the party and a sale at shopko and this is what we end up as eeeek!!! You know the problem is that I got ready fast and didn't really look in the mirror below my waist. One of my pet peeves is those girls or women who wear short shirts with there guts hanging out but they think they are so so sexy. Do they look in the mirror! (Maybe I should be impressed that they don't care what people think and that they feel good about themselves) I have a good concept of what my body looks like and I know that I have some good size thighs so what was I thinking when I dressed them up and put shinny sequins on them like hello hear comes Mattie legs. The sad thing was that I really was not shy or self concious like I should have been I had a fun night then got home and screamed at John for letting me out of the house. Well whatever, I guess we all need a before shot.
John did look awesome he rocked that look and was way fun about it. What a good sport. Well Happy Halloween and if anyone needs to borrow a costume give me a call..